ClutterKiller Organizes your files and helps you maintain a clutter-free Desktop.


ClutterKiller auto learns new file types. Files are instantly organized, out of the way, and easy to find. You will be amazed at how much your productivity increases from a clutter-free environment. If you or someone you know has the affliction of "Icons Everywhere," you owe it to yourself or them to check out ClutterKiller. ClutterKiller also has additional tools to help with organizing and cleaning clutter for a more productive computer experience

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WinCleaner OneClick Professional Clean 11.2: Automatic Internet, PC and Registry Optimizer. It`s safe. It`s easy.

WinCleaner OneClick Professional Clean 11.2

Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily use and Internt surfing builds up over time. This takes up drive space and tracks your Web-browsing habits, leaving a trail for anyone to see. With WinCleaner One-Click CleanUp, you can safely remove junk files, broken shortcuts, Internet clutter, and more. You will notice quicker startups and faster surfing with the benefit of solid privacy protection. WinCleaner One-Click CleanUp is all you need!

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PC Desktop Cleaner. Unclutter it now! 1.0.3: No more cluttered desktops. Easy to use and powerful. Rule based

PC Desktop Cleaner. Unclutter it now! 1.0.3

PC Desktop Cleaner is an intelligent software tool that cleans your desktop, storing your files in a special folder. It creates an index so you can quickly and easily find any file. Advanced users can define rules based on file name, size, and modification date. With PC Desktop Cleaner, you keep your workspace clean and have easy access to all your files. It`s very easy to install and use, you don`t need to be a computer expert to use it.

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Max Registry Cleaner Max Registry Cleaner is Award Winning Advanced Registry Optimizer for Windows.

Max Registry Cleaner

cluttered and fragmented. This growing cluttered registry degrades the performance of the system and causes many weird software problems.Using Max Registry Cleaner on your PC improves computer performance especially where there are corrupted files,invalid shortcuts or incorrectly uninstalled softwares.Max Registry cleaner software eliminates the clutter and junk that builds up in your computer`s registry from installing and removing programs, deleting

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SuperNotes 1.5: SuperNotes is a feature-rich desktop sticky notes application.

SuperNotes 1.5

SuperNotes is a feature-rich desktop sticky notes application. It allows you to record and organize information without cluttering up your desk with scraps of paper. Its Note Database feature functions as a Personal Information Manager and allows you to retain and quickly recall information by relevant categories that you define.

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DeskClear 1.1.0: Hide and restore desktop icons and windows.  Keep your desktop clutter free.

DeskClear 1.1.0

One of the things that has always bugged us is a cluttered desktop. It seems like more and more icons are constantly piling up. Our DeskClear software allows you to show or hide all of your desktop icons as needed. Also, you can see all of your desktop icons in an alphabetized popup menu. You can even instantly hide all of your windows to see your desktop, then pop them all right back with just a keystroke.

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DESKonTOP 2.40.151: Solve window clutter, speed-launch desktop shortcuts and access your desktop

DESKonTOP 2.40.151

Solve window clutter, speed-launch desktop shortcuts and access icons on your computer desktop easily. With just one mouse click you`ll get a small copy of your desktop with all shortcuts and icons. Another click will launch a shortcut. No need to minimize or move windows around. No need for Start menu exploration. No playing hide-and-seek with your windows. All it takes is one click on DESKonTOP icon, and one more click to launch a shortcut!

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Spring Cleaning Deluxe Mac 11.0: Safely remove clutter and boost performance with Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe.

Spring Cleaning Deluxe Mac 11.0

Spring Cleaning keeps your Mac operating at optimum performance while protecting your data! Reclaim disk space, perform system maintenance, uninstall hidden application files, backup critical files and boost performance. Find, compare or remove duplicate files easily and efficiently. Fight back against the clutter and take control of your Mac!

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TrackTheLinks Web Browser 2.1.3: A new way to browse the web using an ad-free, time-driven navigation list.

TrackTheLinks Web Browser 2.1.3

A new way to browse your favorite news sites using an ad-free navigation list. The list contains every link or headline on the page. The list is limited by time, so you see only the new links added in the last 15 minutes, 24 hours or any time you choose, thereby removing the clutter from the page, so you`ll never miss a story. When you click on the list, the browser goes directly to the article without having to back to the home page.

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Boost 1.0.2: Boost helps you gain back control of your PC by improving performance.

Boost 1.0.2

Boost helps you gain back control of your PC by improving performance and stability with one click. There is nothing better than the feeling of a brand new PC. However, over time your PC quickly becomes sluggish, bogged down with tons of programs and clutter. With Boost, one click is all it takes to make your PC feel like new again.

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